Church And State

People who say that there is no place for politics in church. I couldn’t agree more. I believe the separation of church  and state. But when politics start to find it’s place in the church, it’s time to do something about that. I’m lucky in the fact that I attend a church where I am at the minority of being a conservative but we can discuss politics and our beliefs with the fear of being chastised. But we know that when we sit in that church that we are there to do  the work of the Lord.

The Election

I am pleased with the outcome of the Election. I believe that this country would not survive a Hillary Clinton Presidency.  I believe that the country has spoken to say that they are tire of the elitist state in Washington D.C. This does not give Mr. Trump a free ride. I will hold him to even more scrutiny because I voted for him. During the Primaries I didn’t support him, but when the choice was made I supported him. Not like many of the Republican Elites.