So another Left Winger gets free pass

Madonna a music icon for decades said at the Women March on Washington Saturday that she “feels like blowing up the White House.”

If that had been a Trump supporter that said it, that person would be in custody and in prison. But The mainstream media made no mention of this.

The Secret Service has announced that they were going to investigate her. As they should.

read about it:

So I’ve added her to my list of artist I will not support even though I never really did.

Another one that has made my list is Rosie O’Donnell. Her comment about the Trump son was so far out of bounds. How is Rosie O’Donnell a voice for anyone, especially women?

Well that’s all for now.


Sorry Been away for awhile


I haven’t posted much lately. Got really busy over the holidays. Got to spend a lot of time with my kids and grandson. Don’t get to see them much.

Anyway I’m back and hope to bring some interesting points.

Can’t wait till Friday, we get rid of hope and change. I mean be realistic, there has not been and hope. Just a lot of change for the bad.